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Opening Acts (An article by Sheena Metal. October 2006)
Show me the CD (An article by Sheena Metal. September 2006)
Narnia & I AM (Live-review 30th October 2004)
Cult of Luna (30th October 2004)
Shadows Fall (22nd October 2004)
The Haunted (25th September 2004)
Cataract (23rd August 2004)
Turisas (19th August 2004)
Beyond The Embrace (19th August 2004)
Brandon Wiard (17th August 2004)
Nebelhexé (17th August 2004)

Starting now, August 2004, I've decited to make an interview archive again, which means that interviews won't be featured in the new issue that goes online each week, but instead - here - whenever they are written.

If you want to read all our old interviews (everything before August 2004), you can read them in the interview-section (2000-2003) on this page or in one of our many back-issues (2003-2004).

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