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Issue 40

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King’s X

·Other albums this issue

Daize Shayne / Daize Shayne / Frantic Bleep / Gottesfinsternis / Khali / Lagwagon / Lost Soul / Olympos Mons / Pagan’s Mind / Travers & Appice / Various Artists – Top Speed 200mph

Singles/EP’s this issue

David Patrick Quinn / Of Infinity / Skirmish


·         All releases are out now unless otherwise noted

·         All reviews written by Hans Jįkup Eišisgarš


Release of the issue:


King’s X; Live All Over The Place


(Provided by Target Distribution)

King’s X is probably my all-time favorite band, but I must say that this isn’t much of a surprise. Two CD’s with songs they’re known to be playing live. Songs like “Over My Head”, “Dogman”, “Goldilox” and “Cigarettes” are all here. Of course I could think of a lot of songs that could’ve been on here as well, but what the heck it is what it is. If you’re new to the music of King’s X please don’t start here. If you are a fan you already have this. (JJJJ--) 


Other albums this issue:


Daize Shayne; DVD Video

New Game Media (JJJ---)


Daize Shayne; Daize Shayne

New Game Media (JJJ---)

Two-time world champion surfer Daize Shayne is living out her rock n’ roll dream on her debut album and assisting her is no other than legendary guitarist Ken Tamplin, which probably explains some of the more 80’s inspired rock on here (that “Smoke On The Water” cover is terrible), but besides that there’s enough modern chick-rock here to make an impact. The DVD-Video shows us a few TV-appearances, live-music, Daize surfing, photo-gallery and more... And looking at the photo-gallery it seems like even these folks have realized that sex sells. 


Frantic Bleep; The Sense Apparatus


(Provided by Target Distribution)

Cool name, but I am not that much into the music. It’s well-played, no doubt about that - and it’s definitely more varied than a lot of metal these days, but somehow it just doesn’t appeal to me. I like how these guys look, however - they prove that you don’t have to be ugly just because you play in a metal band. (JJJ---)


Gottesfinsternis; Angstschrei


On debut-album “Angstschrei” this German duo delivers another dark piece of synth/electronica music coming out on the always great Pandailectric label. I like most of what “Angstschrei” has to offer and using the German language somehow makes for a darker feel throughout the CD. (JJJJ--)


Khali; Khali


(Provided by Target Distribution)

I was getting ready to hate this CD, but I liked the first track enough to know that it wasn’t going to happen and although the rest of the CD really isn’t the best melodic metal I’ve heard in my life, it’s still pretty decent featuring some pretty cool, catchy choruses along the way. Not bad. (JJJ---)


Lagwagon; Live In A Dive

Fat Wreck Chords

Anther CD in the “Live In A Dive”  series and this time it’s fabulous US pop-punk band Lagwagon giving us a taste of one of their liv-sets. And as always they do it with style, hitting us with some of the most catchy punk-music around. Definitely worthy of your attention if you’re into melodic punk, Fat Wreck Chords, The “Live In A Dive” series or Lagwagon. (JJJJ--)


Lost Soul; Chaostream

Wicked World

(Provided by Target Distribution)

Brutal and straightforward death metal exactly the way that I don’t like it. Why? Because it sounds like a zillion other bands out there. It’s boring and a waste of my time. (JJ----)


Olympos Mons; Conquistador


(Provided by Target Distribution)

This sounds exactly like any other power metal act LMP has ever signed (perhaps with the exception of that Celtic influence I am hearing), but if that’s what you’re into knock yourself out, dude. (JJ----)


Pagan’s Mind; Infinity Divine

(Provided by Target Distribution)

Pagan’s Mind are at it again. It’s all heard before, but still it’s quite good melodic metal with a few progressive elements thrown in. The vocals are very good. (JJJ---)


Travers & Appice; It Takes A Lot Of Balls


(Provided by Target Distribution)

Don’t know how much balls it takes to release or play this. It’s pretty much straightforward classic heavy rock with 70’s and 80’s influences all over, but it’s well-played, I’ll give them that... and it has soul and it sounds like fun to play, but I am pretty sure I won’t ever listen to it again. (JJJ---)


Various Artists; Top Speed 200mph

Robotic Empire

Robotic Empire is a cool underground zine ( covering lots of cool underground music and sometimes when publishing a new issue they even throw a sampler-CD with some of the stuff they’ve covered at you. This one features 32 tracks with lots of alternative underground music in many genres, the coolest being the hip-hop of Aerosolik. (JJJJ--)


Singles/EP’s this issue:


Daniel Patrick Quinn; Suilven007

Suilven Recordings

Here’s a collection of four long, droning instrumental pieces featuring violin, cello, synths, trumpet, primitive bass, simple percussion and more... I’d call it “Celtic –drone-music”. Imagine that!  ...Oh, and I am not into it. (JJ----)


Of Infinity; The Essence of Infinity


Here’s a Texas-based, female-fronted three-piece metal band releasing their first 3-track demo after forming in 1999. They haven’t created anything that hasn’t been heard before, but then again very few metal bands are these days. A large number of metal bands that are signed these days are nothing but a load of crap and based on that these folks should have every right to be signed, because at least they aren’t crap in any way. (JJJ---) 


Skirmish; The Crooked and The Cavalier

Engineer Records

Five-track EP from new and upcoming UK-hardcore act. The first track, “Fading Pace”, kicks major butt and the rest of the EP is quite good too. Nice mix of hardcore-fury and melodic pieces. Definitely recommendable if anything in this issue is. (JJJJ--) 


Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark