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Release of the week

Knút Háberg Eysturstein

·Other albums this week

Dark Tranquillity / Eminem / Kreator / Liquid Blue / Marcel / Maya & Sage / Rhapsody / Tristania /

Singles/EP’s this week

Addiction Crew / Durban Poison / Ed Pharrish


·         All releases are out now unless otherwise noted

·         All reviews written by Hans Jákup Eiðisgarð


Release of the week:


Knút Háberg Eysturstein; Havsglóð


Here’s another Faroese singer/songwriter following in the footsteps of Teitur, Høgni Lisberg and Eivør Pállsdóttir, although hardly being anywhere nearly as easily described as the aforementioned. Somehow it seems like Knút’s music takes things one step further both emotionally and musically. Emotionally by revealing his inner thoughts on touchy subjects as well as bringing forth a spirituality that isn’t found on the other artists’ albums (this is not saying that I like Knút better than the others, though) and musically by adding a more adventurous edge to the music by adding a few electronic elements to the already rather simplistic and minimalist sound. “I Hesi Nátt” is by far my favorite Faroese song released in 2004. Maybe even one of my top-five favorite songs of the year from any artists from anywhere in the world, which is saying a lot because there really were a lot of good songs released last year when thinking about it. For more info check out his website at (JJJJJ-)


Other albums this week:


Dark Tranquillity; Character

Century Media

(Provided by Target Distribution)

I must admit that I am getting more and more bored with death metal these days, but it seems that the veteran Swedes in Dark Tranquillity are one of the bands to always be keeping both head and shoulders over the rest. Or, well, at least most of the new bands that keep popping up. That said “Character” is not their best album to date although definitely a worthy addition to anyone’s Dark Tranquillity collection. (JJJJ--) 


Eminem; Encore


I was very much into the previous Eminem album “The Eminem Show”, but it seems with time even an as shocking rapper like Eminem can get predictable. Everything on “Encore” is predictable. He’s rapping about a lot of the same issues as before, he’s using the same producer (Dr. Dre) as before and he’s inviting talents from his record label Shady Records to join him in some of the songs. “Encore” is not a bad album in any way, but compared to “The Eminem Show” it’s not really a good one either. (JJJ---) 


Kreator; Enemy Of God


(Provided by Target Distribution)

Thrash-metal legends Kreator are back with yet another album. Normally, I’d say that any enemy of God is an enemy of mine, but since it’s Kreator I’ll just let it slide for now. Or something. Anyway, not much has changed in the Kreator-camp. It’s still the same thrash-metal that they’ve always mastered and they still do. (JJJJ--)


Liquid Blue; Supernova

Deep Blue Records

Liquid Blue is a group of three hopeful young ladies wanting to make an impact in the tough music-world of today. Musically they’re sort of a danceable pop act with a little R&B and Asian influences thrown in. I’d say that they’re at least as good as All Saints and Atomic Kitten, but to a lot of you that ain’t really saying that much. My favourite track on this album is “Show Me Love” which is quite a catchy number and an obvious single if they’ll ever need one of those. And did I mention that these chicks are HOT, HOT, HOT? Doesn’t say anything about them being single or anything in the press-release. Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out boys. (JJJ---) 


Marcel; Secret Weapon Volumes 1 & 2

Bombay Recording Company

So when was it you realised you wanted to be Prince, Mr Marcel? Why I am saying this? Well, let me put it like this: If I was in a pop-quiz and was asked about who was singing any track on this album I would instantly and wrongfully be guessing Prince. He’s not doing this kind of Prince-sounding alternative R&B/funk badly, though. In fact I’d say even that Marcel is better than Prince has been for the last decade or so, but, really, is that saying anything at all. Overall this is too predictable and slightly boring. (JJ----) 


Maya & Sage; Spirit of Love

Spirit Singer Production

New age-ish sounds full of chanting spiced with Celtic harp, didgeridoo, native American flute and world percussion. People into this sort of thing will most likely dig it, but I find it a little on the repetitive side. (JJ----)


Rhapsody; Symphony of Enchanted Lands Part 2: The Dark Secret


(Provided by Target Distribution)

Perhaps the worlds best epic and symphonic power metal band is back with yet another album. I didn’t receive a press-release with this one so I am not going to get into what theme of this album, but I can tell you that this is yet another musical master piece from the orchestral power metal masterminds from Italy. (JJJJJ-)


Tristania; Ashes


(Provided by Target Distribution)

Wow, I turned down an offer to interview these guys some time ago. I just had too much to do at the time and hadn’t heard had the time to listen to this promo at the point. If I had, I think I just might have said yes. At least this Norwegian seven-piece is one of the more innovative bands I’ve heard lately combining highly arranged black metal and goth-rock into something as appealing as this. (JJJJ--)


Singles/EP’s this week:


Addiction Crew; What About

Earache Records

(Provided by Target Distribtuion)

The only thing featured on this single is a single-version of “What About” taken from the full-length “Break In Life” and a video of the same track. It’s actually a quite catchy modern-metal song that could’ve been a big hit a couple of years back when nu-metal ruled the airwaves and all. (JJJ---) 


Durban Poison; Freedom EP


(Provided by Caravan Music Promotions)

“Just a Question” is a rock-solid track from a new band that everyone into rock music should hear. Don’t know if they have it on their webpage, but you might want to check it out just in case at The rest of this four-track EP is not really all that convincing, but definitely something suggests that there might be good things ahead. (JJJ---)


Ed Pharrish; Happy Christmas Mr Blair

Manilla Records

(Provided by Caravan Music Promotions)

“Happy Christmas Mr Blair/I hope you remember those who fell.” There can’t be any doubt about Ed Pharrish’s opinion on the whole Iraq-war matter as he’s coming at Mr Blair with a sarcastic Christmas holiday greeting. The track comes in two versions + a B-side. The B-side is easily forgettable, but “Happy Christmas Mr Blair” is really a catchy and memorable number. (JJJJ--) 



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