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Week 44

Issue 34 - Updated 24th October 2004

·Release of the week

Eric Anders

·Other albums this week

Eisregen / Eyefear / Manticora / Mistheria / Pinkeye D’Gekko / Seventh Avenue / Skep

Singles/EP’s this week

DJ Ordeal / DJ Ordeal / DJ Ordeal / DJ Ordeal / The Sparticus Stargazer / Fabulous Nobody / Jeff Leopard


·         All releases are out now unless otherwise noted

·         All reviews written by Hans Jákup Eiðisgarð


Release of the week:


Eric Anders; Not At One

Baggage Room Records

Now this is an artists that I will be keeping an eye on. His new album “Not At One” is just amazing when it comes to beautiful, heartfelt and easy-going singer/songwriter folk-pop music. His voice is reminiscent of that of Faroese artist Høgni Lisberg, but where Høgni’s album (although extremely convincing) perhaps was a little raw around the edges soundwise this is perfect all around. Or pretty close, anyway. You can’t overlook this one if you’re into this kind of music. (JJJJJ-)


Other albums this week:


Eisregen; Wundwasser

Massacre Records

(Provided by Intromental Management)

This is supposed to be an album worth of shocking lyrical material that has had conservative moral preachers screaming for censorship. I can’t back this up, however, since I am not very good at German. However, Eisregen is quite impressive musically speaking, although I was just expecting another band to file under the black metal category. But this band is actually more than just a black metal band as they also mix other things into their sound. Besides, there’s a certain amount of catchyness within the sound of Eisregen, which is pretty uncommon within black metal these days to say the very least. (JJJJ--)  


Eyefear; 9 Elements of Inner Vision

Massacre Records

(Provided by Intromental Management)

This has already been described as utter brilliance by other reviewers, but I am not gonna jump on the wagon and shout the name of this band from the rooftops, because to me this is just another power metal band with a progmetal wardrobe. No doubt that these Australians are good at what they do, but then again what they do has been done too many times for them to be anything special. (JJJ---) Release date: 25th October 2004


Manticora; 8 Deadly Sins

Massacre Records

(Provided by Intromental Management)

After having been with respected but small labels like Black Lotus and Scarlet Records, well-playing Danish metal band Manticora now finds itself on the somewhat bigger Massacre Records and the first album for the label is also their best album to date, easily progressing from 2002’s “Hyperion.” This is yet another proof that Denmark has some pretty good metallic stuff going on right now. “8 Deadly Sins” is an album full of power metal with a progressive edge. People who’d like bands like Blind Guardian to have a darker approach to their power metal as well as a progressive one (if there are any that is) would without a doubt love Manticora (JJJJ--) Release date: 25th October 2004


Mistheria; Messenger of The Gods

Lion Music

There are 32 guest musicians on this album (if I counted correctly) and among them you’ll find the likes of Rob Rock, Anders Johansson, Alex Masi and Marcel Coenen The musical content of this CD has been worked on for two years and it shows that there’s been laid a lot of thought and creativity into this project, but perhaps it would have suited Mistheria better if he chose a few musicians to play the whole thing in order to get this a little more band-like. Mistheria is said to be the best progressive metal keyboard-player in Italy, which, of course, I don’t know anything about, but there’s no doubt about that he’s good. (JJJ---)


Pinkeye D’gekko; Dry Clothes For The Drowning

Force MP Entertainment

Following the critical acclaimed underground release “Rhythm & Western”, Pinkeye D’Gekko are back with their new album “Dry Clothes For The Drowning.” Actually what I hold in my hands is the release of that album that wasn’t released that long ago. Musically these guys from St. Louis play southern rock with an attitude and they’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Into southern rock with an occasional country twist? Well, you’ve got yourself a new band to get into: (JJJ---)


Seventh Avenue; Eternals

Massacre Records

(Provided by Intromental Management)

I’ve kept hearing the name Seventh Avenue for years, but not within the metal-scene they obviously have become a part of in recent years, but rather within the Christian music scene. Not that there really was a big place for Seventh Avenue within Christian music, because, let’s face it, classic heavy metal isn’t really the biggest thing within the modern-focused Christian music-scene, but that’s where their name kept popping up nonetheless. In Christian metal magazines like HM Magazine, on Christian forums and newsgroups, on the metal for Jesus webpage and places like that. But since signing with Massacre Records it seems this German band has finally found it’s place within the European metal scene. This is their second album and it goes along the lines of their earlier material, not changing a whole lot. It’s good for what it is, just don’t expect more than that. (JJJ---) Release date: 25th October 2004


Skep; Ctrl-S

Dockrad Records

I must admit that I don’t know much about this twelve-people big Welch outfit. I heard a track by them on the Dockrad Records’ compilation I reviewed last week, which actually was one of the highlights on that compilation, but on this full-length I am having a hard time being just as convinced. Not that this is a bad album or anything, it’s just that it’s a little slow-going and perhaps a little repetitive even. It’s probably one of those albums that has to grow on you for a while, but until now this hasn’t really won me over. (JJJ---)


Singles/EP’s this week:


Sparticus Stargazer 7” madness:


DJ Ordeal; Maureen

Sparticus Stargazer/Johnny Kane Records


DJ Ordeal; You Win 4 I

Sparticus Stargazer


DJ Ordeal; Ordeals Big Band

Sparticus Stargazer


DJ Ordeal; Song 4 U

Sparticus Stargazer


The Sparticus Stargazer; Old Hank Schultz / One Nest Rolls After Another

Spartiscus Stargazer


Fabulous Nobody; A Pot of Tea / When The Girl Gets Blue

Sparticus Stargazer


Jeff Leopard; Tastebud / ‘Til Next

Sparticus Stargazer


Sparticus Stargazer is a UK record-label that I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago when I read about them in some webzine. Of course when reading about a label like this, I just can’t help but letting them know about the world of Past and Present Webzine, if they don’t know about it already. So I did and now I am sitting here with a bunch of 7” singles and EPs in my hands. Actually what I am sitting with is the whole collection of 7” singles that are still in print (and an album, but more about that in a later issue).


I would love to tell you more about the label itself, but there doesn’t seem to be a webpage made (for finding more info) so I don’t know more than that this is a label specialising in records. Yeah, that’s right. Records. So, of course, that leaves out the opportunity for a lot of you to check it out, doesn’t it? But for those of you that still have a record-player, you should really try and look into some of this stuff, because it’s really original music and definitely not what you’re likely to be running into every day.


The first single in the pile is DJ Ordeal’s “Maureen” which was originally released Johnny Kane Records, which is a perfect introduction to the strange world of DJ Ordeal as he mixes the most unlikely things together into his own  unique sound.


“You Win 4 I” is next up, going on in a just as strange manner, mixing up big-band jazz-passages, disco, spoken-word, 80’s pop, piano-pieces and, well, anything you would expect really. Four track you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.


“Ordeals Big Band” is perhaps the strangest release of the pile. Just listen to this taken straight from the press-release: Ordeals Big Band is the baddest and biggest big band that never was! It features six different horn sections, at least three drummers and some of the finest soloists, including an organist who plays just three or four notes on the whole track. And, really, in this track alone there are bits and pieces of 17 traditional tracks mixed in????? On the flip you’ll find “Phone Or Deal” which is equally different, being made up by various rings of telephones. 12 recordings of telephones to be exact from 1940s to 1990s.


“Song 4 U” is the fourth 7” by DJ Ordeal. At least that I know of and that I have received from Sparticus Stargazer, but do I have to say anymore about this artist? No I didn’t think so, but let me end by saying that, just like the other three 7”, it’s totally different from the others.


The artist who’s credited for releasing “Old Hank Schultz / One Nest Rolls After Another” is named like the label: The Sparticus Stargazer. And behind the name hides an old lady who’s 90 years old (I have a hard time believing this, I might add) who has never released anything in the past. And would you believe that she reads the poetry of Peggy Lee and Captain Beefheart? DJ Ordeal has created the music for these two tracks.


Fabulous Nobody is a guy who owns his own label, Kitchen Records, and has released a previous EP (on that label) titled “Love and the City.” Now, however, he’s out with a new 7” (“A Pot Of Tea / When The Girl Gets Blue”) worth of lo-fi indie-pop out on Sparticus Stargazer. Not quite as alternative as the other stuff on Sparticus Stargazer, but pretty far from commercial pop-music nonetheless.


Just like Fabulous Nobody, Jeff Leopard also owns his own label, Dripping Pussy Records, on which he has made “Yankee Dollar” and “Ski Fi High”, but now he’s out with Tastebud / ‘Til Next.” Would you believe that there are actually laid-back reggae rhythms on the a-side?


To contact the label by snail-mail write:


Ian Cordell

158 Seven Sisters Rd

Lower Willingdon

East Sussex



Or by email:


Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark