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Week 37

Issue 27 - updated: 5th September 2004

·Release of the week


·Other albums this Reviews

2.2. Kid Life / Abyss / Ad Vitam Aeternam / Brad Dutz Obliteration Percussive Quartet / District / Ewigheit / Faraz Anwar / October File / Patrick Carlsson / Silent Force / Various Artists: Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation IV / Various Artists: Shawn Lane Remembered Vol II

·Singles/EP’s this week:

A Thousand Years / Blood Music / Brian McRae

Release of the week:
Avenpitch; Avenpitch

Omega Point Records

Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. Finally a band that just blew me away at first listen. Although I’ve been getting a lot of great, and I mean really great, records lately, very few have had me as excited as Avenpitch. They combine the best sides of rock and electronic music imaginable. Can’t think of any band that has done this sort of thing this well in a couple of years. Not on top of my head anyway, which I probably should have if there was any, right? Anyway, call this electropunk og synth-pop heavy on metal. Whatever. What’s most important is that these guys rock big time. I am even sensing some hip-hop inspirations in there, but that might also just being me constantly thinking about Beastie Boys when hearing the vocal-style of whoever is singing on this thing. Now do yourself a favor and get this, okay? (JJJJJ-) Release date: out now



Other albums this week:

2.2 Kid Life; Villaine

Ionik Recordings

This is a beautiful, stripped down and simplistic indie-pop vs. singer/songwriter type of album. It’s got good melodies accompanying the acoustic guitars and emotional vocals. I think this is the second album of 2.2. Kid Life, but I certainly hope that Frank Longano - the “man” behind this project, writing all songs, playing all instruments and singing all vocals other than on “Track 3” where Sara Laskey is singing – keeps them coming, because there’s some real talent here. (JJJJ--) Release date: out now

Abyss; Sin Angeles


Basically Abyss is a Spanish power metal band that sings in their native tongue, but although mainly power metal it doesn’t stop them from bringing in a few influences from other genres as well. There are some progressive touches in places and you can hear that the people in this band listen to all kinds of music all the way from blues to black metal. They’re good at what they do, but I find the majority of the songs on the CD to be a bit on the lengthier side. (JJJ---) Release date: out now


Ad Vitam Aeternam; Abstract Senses

Karmageddon Media

(Provided by Target Distribution)

Another addition to the long list of gothic metal bands that think it’s cool to combine ethereal female vocals with death-like grunts. I won’t argue that this French outfit does everything by the book here, but somehow it all feels so boring and heard-a-million-times-before. (JJ----) Release date: out now


Brad Dutz Obliteration Percussive Quartet; self-titled


Already after listening to this CD for 20 second I just wanted to turn it off, but of course I listened it the whole way through, but unfortunately I also hated every second of the rest of it. This quartet is made up by four professional free-lance percussion players who play all kinds of strange percussive instruments. It may be creative and improvising as the press-release says, but it’s definitely not easy listening to. (J-----) Release date: out now


District; Don’t Mess With The Hard Punx

I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records

(Provided by Target Distribution)

I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying that these Germans are actually hard punks, but this is a decent punk-rock album nonetheless. Nothing too fancy, really – but they’re better than could’ve been expected with an album title like that. Featuring lead-singer and guitarist in The Revolvers (singing in District) and the ex-vocalist of Public Toys (playing guitar in District???), these guys are heading for a 77 British punk-rock sound and borrow from everyone from The Damned to Sex Pistols. (JJJ---) Release date: out now


Ewigkeit; Radio Ixtlan


(Provided by Target Distribution)

So here I am again, always whining over this and that band not being creative and different enough, but then when a band that finally is comes along, I don’t like it too much? Yeah, that’s the harsh reality right there, folks. On paper this is everything I could dream of, but when actually putting the disc in I am not that fond of it after all. This is death metal, prog-rock, psychedelica, folk, goth, space-rock, lots of different samples etc. Very different to say the very least. This is probably the album I’ve listened to most frequently in order to make a review, but instead of growing on me I just like it less and less. (JJJ---) Release date: 6th September 2004


Faraz Anwar; Abstract Point Of View

Lion Music

Like label-mate Patrick Carlsson who’ve also just release an album which is reviewed in this issue, Faraz Anwar is also a gifted a gifted guitarist who likes to travel through a few different genres (jazz, blues, rock and progressive) along his way. There are lots of guitar-solos going on and if you’re looking for someone to be handling the guitar right, then Faraz Anwar is a person well worth reckoning with, because it’s quite amazing how his fingers get those leads out there, but – for me at least – in the end this turns out to get a tad too repetitive to stand out as something other than a release from another talented guitarist. (JJJ---) Release date: out now


October File; A Long Walk On A Short Pier

Golf Records

(Provided by Target Distribution)

I hate it when established labels like Golf Records and the likes don’t send press-releases with their promo-CD’s, but nonetheless this happens. So I don’t know much about October File. I take it that they come from Britain, though, as most Golf Records releases tend to come from there (except the ones they co-release with Tooth and Nail Records that is). Besides... would a band from the states write a song titled “God Hates America”? Whatever this is, it’s cool music that for the most part dabbles in mid-tempo punk-rock with hardcore-leanings, of course with its faster moments coming and going. (JJJJ--) 6th September 2004

Patrick Carlsson; Phraseology

Lion Music

Patrick Carlsson is like a lot of his Lion Music contemporaries a truly gifted guitarist, which his album “Phraseology” is rock solid proof of. His playing inspired by the likes of Steve Vai and will by all means appeal to fans of Steve Vai. On “Phraseology” he plays everything from metal to blues to country to rock to jazz etc., which I think gives this album a broader appeal than often when heavy-rock guitarist release these kinds of albums. (JJJ---) Release date: out now


Silent Force; Words Apart


(Provided by Target Distribution)

If you like crystal clear and well-polished melodic metal, then Silent Force’s third album “Worlds Apart” is likely to be a nice addition to your record-collection. One thing that makes Silent Force stand above a lot of the countless number of bands like this that occur all the time is the voice of lead-singer DC Cooper (ex-Royal Hunt) – it’s undoubtedly one of the best voices within this kind of music. But of course that’s not all, Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) has done a good job at producing this band and the guitar-playing nailed down by Alex Beyrodt (ex-Primal Fear) is top-notch. (JJJJ--) Release date: out now


Various Artists; Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation IV

Everest Records

Here’s the fourth release in the “Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation” series. You may have heard some of the previous compilations, but I’ve actually never even heard about them. But listening to this one, it seems like the three others might have been something I might have enjoyed listening to, because I sure enjoyed listening to this one. It’s different, I can tell you that, but to me that’s always a good thing as long as it’s not just different for the sake of being different and that’s not the case with any of the tracks here, I am sure. You’ll get a healthy mix of experimental, electronica, trip-hop, house, lounge and more brought to you by artists like Babychlor, Mon Petit Poney, Diwandiwan, Filewile, Dubdray and thirteen more. (JJJJ--) Release date: out now


Various Artists; Shawn Lane Remembered Vol II

Lion Music

Never expected that there’d be this many artists that would like to pay tribute to a guitarist I’d never heard of before Vol I came out. But it seems there are. There isn’t too much to say about it though. I am getting a bit tired of these tribute albums coming out all the time. There’s definitely some good stuff on here, but for me one tribute album would’ve been enough. Dedicated fans of the Lion Music releases will, however, find this release as good as any I suppose. (JJJ---) Release date: out now


Singles/EP’s this week:


A Thousand Years; A Thousand Years

Horizon Recordings

A Thousand Years is a project by 27 year old hard ambient musician/Producer. On this seven-track EP he has made everything: Produced and played all the music. Getting into this, you’ll have to be into hard ambient music or noise-ambient. Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t hardly “hard” all the way through. Really, it’s not. A lot of the time it’s just ordinary ambient, ethereal music that’s easy on the ears, but I doubt that the easy-going new-age lovers will like A Thousand Years when it gets “hard”. (JJJ---) Release date: out now

Blood Music; Blood Music (7”)

Promenade Recordings

I thought this would either be hardcore or metal because of the name, but strangely it wasn’t. Wasn’t punk either although it features a cover by The Ramones (“Someone Put Something In My Drink”) recorded only with a keyboard and a voice. Instead of being everything that I expected it’s quirky, strange and lo-fi. But in a good way. (JJJJ--) Release date: out now

Brian McRae; Sessions At Pete’s House


Multi-instrumentalist Brian McRae, born and raised in a very musical family in Lubbock, Texas, has several years of touring experience in several different bands and as a studio-musicians playing several kinds of instruments. But now it’s time for a project on his own. Together with a few friends at his own house Brian is going nuts in fusion-jazz style. It’s very professionally played and sounds like something a few really educated jazz-musicians would’ve gotten out of one of their studio sessions. (JJJ---) Release date: out now



Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark