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With loss just around the corner

In 2002 Past and Present Webzine reviewed an EP by this, for us, totally unknown band Cataract released on LifeForce Records. Two years down the road, another album on LifeForce Records and tons of touring experience, these guys now find themselves on Metal Blade Records, a label probably best known for their take on old-school metal such as thrash, death, classic, power metal and stuff like that. Lately, however, Metal Blade along with lots of other labels have been very eager to sign bands finding themselves within the current metalcore genre.


Victory Records released several albums of this kind last year and this year Roadrunner, Century Media and Metal Blade along with others have been playing along.


When having Cataract, drummer Ricky Durst – no relations to Fred Durst, I am sure - on the phone, we asked him how he felt about being on Metal Blade and how he felt about the whole metalcore-thing seeming to be the newest big thing within metal.


To this he answered that it was great being on Metal Blade and just having released the new album “With Triumph Comes Loss” there. Cataract didn’t have any problems being on LifeForce - actually the relationship between the label and the band was very good, but it was a natural step forward to sign to Metal Blade. “It’s nice to see reviews of your new CD in every important music Magazine around. We didn’t see that before. And we’re positively surprised over the nature of the reviews, which are all really positive. RockHard and Metal Hammer gave us excellent reviews and in RockHard we got the third place on their top-list, which is quite impressive.”


Commenting on the whole metalcore-thing, Ricky doesn’t see Cataract trying to be part of any current trend. They just write the music that they like, which is equal parts hardcore and metal. They don’t care for genre descriptions and stuff like that, but he can, however, see an opportunity in metalcore being gaining major success right now.


With Cataract coming from Switzerland – a scene that I am not too familiar with, I just couldn’t help but asking about the scene there. He told me that there was a strong hardcore scene in Switzerland and that there was a lot of talent to look out for, but the problem in Switzerland is that the scene is really divided, as the country is divided into four different parts of people. There’s the Italian part, the French part, the German part and then the part that speaks this unknown, strange language that just a few people speak anymore. And this is a problem, because although Cataract live less than a mile from the Italian part, they’ve never played one single show there. Just to show how divided the scene really is.


But elsewhere Cataract have been playing quite a lot of shows and later this year this’ll continue. They’ll be playing every opportunity they get. In November they’ll be playing Germany. Then they’re gonna be touring UK and the rest of Europe even with a show in Denmark, where Cataract have fond memories playing the Fredericia Hardcore Festival.


After touring as much as possible Cataract is ready to head back to the studios to start recording yet another album for Metal Blade Records.


- “With Triumph Comes Loss” is out on September 6th on Metal Blade Records. 

Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark