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Quickies - quick questions answered by guitarist Oscar Gouveia

Your new album "Insect
                           Song" is out now on Metal Blade. How has the response been so far from press, fans and so on?  
The response has been great.
                           There will always be a few bad reviews but I don't read those anyway, haha.. also, the fans seem to really like the new stuff
You released your debut two years ago. Was it everything you dreamt of as far as success goes?  
It didn't do as well has
                           we had hoped but this is an uphill battle, and reaching success through hard work and determination makes a better and stronger
                           band in the long run.
Have you tried to change anything musically on the new album?  
Any thing that may sound
                           different on the new "INSECT SONG" CD came through natural progression. We didn't "try" to change anything.
Last year you toured
                           with some of the biggest names within metal (Helloween, Opeth and Lacuna Coil to name a few) and this year it'll be Prong
                           and Iced Earth. Are you ready for your own head-lining tour by now?  
Not just yet, haha.. I think
                           that we'll have to do a few more support or direct supporting tour before we can amount an audience big enough to headline
Other than the previously mentioned tours what is planned out for the future? 
More Metal music and more
                           Metal tours, that's all that has been planned right now.
Last comment? 
Thanx for the interview.
                           Keep checking for news, tour dates, and downloadable songs. Thanx -

Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark