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Brandon Wiard

- Indie-pop work-a-holic


Tell us a little about yourself and your music?


I'm a work-a-holic pop-smith from Ypsilanti, Michigan (USA). I've been singing since I was 3, playing guitar since I was 15 and pretending to play piano since I was 19. I like far too many types of music which sometimes causes battles within my brain. I hate public speaking yet I can get in front of 300 people and sing my heart out. I haven't quite figured that one out.


My music is everything to me at this point. Almost to the point of being unhealthy. If I have a vice then it's music. I quit smoking recently so I don't even have a back-up vice. I can work in the studio for over 12 hours and I'm still craving more. I think the music (at least this album) reflects the obsessive nature with which I approach my music. Anything I could think of to put on a song I attempted. When I couldn't find a gospel choir to come into the studio then I just sang the parts myself. Harpsichord?  Let's try it. I'm constantly pushing myself to try new things and I think this album benefited from that. The end result sounds like a slightly schizophrenic band that leans towards power-pop and then teeters over to alt-country before cutting itself into 4 pieces and going North, South, East and West all at the same time. I never try and write in a certain style...the songs tends to write themselves the way they see fit. I'm just here to let them out.


I liked your new album, does it otherwise seem to be getting good feedback from press, fans etc.?


It's been getting a really good reception so far. I wasn't sure how it would go over at first given that it's a little chameleon in nature. Even the songs I thought that might confuse people are turning out to be their favourites. I guess the right answer would be "Yes, better than I could have hoped".


Have the big labels yet to come knocking or do you have a few cards to play by now?


To the best of my knowledge I'm not even on their radar (unless they operate

like spies and only make themselves known when necessary). The big push to college radio and the music video release will be happening in October so I'm hoping that draws a little more attention to what I've done at that point. I'm not even sure if a "major" is the best route at this point. It would have to be the right situation for me creatively. I can get pretty stubborn when it comes to what I want. I'm a bit of a perfectionist(although I'd love the chance to work with people that a major label contract would allow me).


How does a typical Brandon Wiard song take form?


It used to take form driving back from civilisation to my parent's home. I'd be driving through the country, get bored in the car and write the songs acapella.  It was tough to remember what I was doing so I'd keep singing it back to myself in a round until I got home. Now I tend to write when I let my brain relax at home...or at a friend's place. I tend to write well in friend's apartments. If they have something they're doing then it's a good way to occupy my time. unfortunately my friend Kim is leaving her apartment...that was always a favourite spot of mine. When she was doing something about the only thing I could do was play her guitar (with the busted tuning key) because the only other activity to be performed in her apartment was smoking (which goes well with writing). That's where I pieced together/finished "Miss Michigan".


Is there a certain message you like to get across when writing the lyrics for a song? 


It all depends on the song. At times I'm trying to be a witty smart-ass and other times I'm trying to syphon a particular situation out of myself. Sometimes I'm just writing for the fun of writing. More often than not it's autobiographical but I'm steering away from that more these days. It's nice to not have to write about myself sometimes.


The future? Bright or frightening? 


I'd say it's brightening. The reviews are slowly starting to come in and they're all really positive so far. I wasn't sure what the reception would be like and I spent 2 long years eating/breathing/sleeping this album. If it dropped like a stone it would've crushed me probably. I already have 20 news songs started in the studio so I'm keeping myself busy as always. It's looking like it'll be an

EP and a full-length. The EP will be the songs I'm programming drums for right now. It's a whole new world for me but I'm liking it. I never really knew how drum beats were put together so it's a lot of trial and error but I'm enjoying the learning process. The songs are very much me but I'm trying to pay some homage to David Bowie, Fine Young Cannibals, Dexy's Midnight Runners and Milli Vanilli as much as I can.


Last comment?


Go to the website ( and watch the video for "Miss Michigan" about 30 or 40 times. That should get it stuck in your head. Then buy 30-40 copies of the album for your closest friends. Then buy 30-40 of my t-shirts to give away as birthday presents. If that happens I should be able to put gas in my car again.

Hans Jakup Eidisgard, PO BOX 38, FO-470 Eidi, Faroe Islands, Via Denmark